A Holistic Approach to your Prenatal Care

Posted by: Dr. Jessica L. Caruso

Many of my patients ask “Is it safe for me to continue chiropractic care during my pregnancy?The answer is an astounding “YES!” In fact, not only is it safe; but chiropractic care can help with lower back pain, sciatica, and many more of the common symptoms associated with pregnancy. If you are pregnant one of the best things you can do is receive chiropractic care: a flexible, balanced spine, hips and pelvis; and internal organs free from postural and nervous system stress are essential for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

Another reason to be under chiropractic care during pregnancy is…it’s drugless! Over the counter medications for relief of the common symptoms associated with new postural strains can be decreased — even avoided. There is no such thing as a safe drug.

I am a chiropractor who is Webster Technique Certified. This chiropractic technique helps to correct sacral misalignment, and balance pelvic muscles and ligaments, which in turn removes torsion to the woman’s uterus, its resulting constraint to the baby, and allows the baby to get into the best possible position for birth.(www.icpa4kids.com)

Healing Hands Chiropractic not only has specialized pregnancy chiropractic care…but we also have prenatal and postnatal yoga classes with our highly trained yoga teacher and childbirth educator, Jenny Everett King. We also offer massage and reiki, both of which have been shown to provide great relief of symptoms related to pregnancy, like sciatica.

We are happy to announce the addition of Empowered Birth:
Natural Childbirth Classes to our prenatal program. Classes start this October.

Expecting a baby is, for many parents, a time of great excitement, anticipation, and pride. It can also be filled with anxiety, questions, and even a little fear. The mission of Healing Hands Chiropractic’s Empowered Birth classes is to ease your fears and anxieties about birth, help you find answers to your questions, and give you the opportunity to have a confident, empowering, fulfilling birth experience.
Our classes are based on a philosophy called “woman-centered birth,” in which the needs and desires of the laboring mother are the foundation of her perinatal care. Our class material is based on the ALACE childbirth education curriculum, which emphasizes informed decision-making and a holistic approach to childbearing.
Empowered Birth classes are designed for parents desiring to learn more about natural childbirth. We will include unbiased information on medical alternatives such as induction, anesthesia (epidurals), and cesarean birth. The bulk of the material, however, focuses on helping parents achieve a natural birth, whether in a hospital, a birth center, or at home.
Classes meet in two formats: Weekly classes are two hours each, and run for six weeks. The seventh week is a casual question and answer time, where students have the opportunity to speak with new parents as well as holistic health professionals who specialize in prenatal care and/or pediatrics. Weekend sessions, an alternative for those who can’t attend during the week, meet two Saturday afternoons for five hours each time. Please click
here for additional information about upcoming classes.

Pregnancy and birth are special times in a woman’s life that she should enjoy and treasure, not something to just “get through.” We are comitted to helping you have the best possible childbearing experience through holistic prenatal care.

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