Vertebral Subluxation & Nerve Chart

Vertebral subluxation and nerve chart

Why should everyone be getting adjusted?  Because it’s ALL CONNECTED.  A subluxation, or misalignment in the spine, can cause malfunctions in the body and lead to dis-ease.  The reason why Chiropractors’ job is to remove subluxations is to open up the communication in the body to help the body heal itself and ‘run on all cylinders’.

Additionally, an adjustment helps instantly relieve stress!  Isn’t that a good enough reason to come in regularly?

The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structure of the human body. Misalignment of the spinal vertebrae and discs may cause irritation to the nervous system which could affect the structures, organs, and functions listed under “area” and the “possible symptoms” that are associated with malfunctions of the areas noted.vertebral_subluxation_nerve_chart

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