Infant Massage Class in Londonderry, NH

Infant Massage Class

For parents & caregivers

By Shalon Da~Nai, LMT

Massaging your baby can be of great benefit to their health and development. Many new babies are

coming home with digestive sensitivities causing gas or acid reflux. Some are prescribed Prilosec and

take it daily through their infancy and into the toddler years. Massage is a tool that empowers parents

to help their child through these painful issues. Performing infant massage on a daily basis will help to

alleviate these symptoms without the side affects involved with meds.

Benefits of Infant Massage

~improves circulation

~enhances sleep

~soothes digestion

~reduces stress

~assists development of the nervous system

~secures a stronger bond between parent and child

Not only does massage sooth and comfort your child, it creates an intimate space to really connect and

bond with them. You will become more aware of the subtle cues your baby uses to communicate, such

as sounds, facial expressions and body language. This makes you able to identify their needs easier

and reduces frustration for both of you.

Infant massage is wonderful for fathers to learn as well. A Mother already has the bond of carrying the

baby and the further bonding of breastfeeding. Regular touch allows fathers the time to form those

physical bonds and a deeper connection to their child.

Healing Hands offers small, intimate classes in a comfortable setting. This is a 2 hour, hands on class

for expecting parents or parents with infants 3 weeks to crawling. Other caregivers are also welcome.

For Class you will need to bring…

~Your baby, or a doll

~2 Body towels

~extra Diapers


Schedule & Rates

$60 per child/couple

Saturday August 22nd 1pm-3pm

Saturday October 3rd 1pm-3pm

Please call the office at (603) 434-3456 to register.