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Prenatal Chiropractic Care / Webster Technique

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Chiropractic care during pregnancy is vitally important in supporting the body’s innate ability to adapt and function the way it is designed to for both mother and baby.

Dr. Jessica L. Caruso, director of Healing Hands Chiropractic Manchester, NH maintains Webster Technique certification through the ICPA. To learn more about this specialized pregnancy chiropractic technique please click the following link

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy:

  • In expectant mothers presenting breech, there has been a high reported success rate of the baby turning to the normal vertex position. The Webster technique has been successfully used in women whose babies present transverse and posterior as well. It has also successfully used with twins.
  • Prepares the woman’s pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth by creating a balance in pelvic bony structures, muscles and ligaments allowing the baby the room to develop without restrictions to its forming cranium, spine and other skeletal structures.
  • Removes tension on the ligaments that support the uterus, such as the round ligaments- reducing torsion (intrauterine constraint) to the woman’s uterus offering the baby the room to move into the best possible position for birth.
  • Reduces interference to the mother’s vital nerve system which controls and coordinates all of her systems and functions for better baby development.
  • With proper fetal positioning, there is a significant decrease in dystocia (resistance to normal function in birth) and the resulting birth trauma caused by intervention.
  • Allows for a safer, easier birth for mother and baby by decreasing the potential for interventions such as augmentation, c-section, vacuum and forceps extraction, etc.

*Derived from the notes of Jeanne Ohm, D.C., F.I.C.P.A., Perinatal Care,

Read a great testimonial about a patient’s pregnancy experience under chiropractic care.

To schedule a new patient consult and exam with our chiropractor please click the following link:prenatal chiropractic consult & exam.

Products We Carry For The Expectant Mother

Pregnancy, Postpartum and Baby Products

Earth Mama Angel Baby‘s safe, zero-toxin, hospital recommended organic herbal products support mama and babies through the entire miraculous birth process, from pregnancy through postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, baby care and beyond. Offering nature’s perfect solutions to perfectly natural pregnancy discomforts, every Earth Mama Angel Baby® product is made with only pure, plant based, worry-free ingredients, naturally.  Safe for Pregnancy, Ideal for the Whole Family.

Baby Carriers

The award-winning original Moby Wrap is the most recognized baby carrier wrap on the market.  Its simple yet versatile design makes it suitable for any wearer.  The benefits of baby wearing(insert link to baby wearing blog) are many, and with the slightly, but not too stretchy, 100% cotton fabric, there’s no better place for your baby to be. *available in store and online by clicking here: moby wrap baby carrier

Prenatal Vitamins

New Chapter Perfect Prenatal® – Delivers 23 different organic, easily digested, energizing and protective probiotic vitamins and minerals as well as 13 stress-balancing and free-radical scavenging herbs cultured for maximum effectiveness.

Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA-A woman’s demand for DHA increases during pregnancy. DHA is essential for the proper development of infants and children, and offers mood and nerve support for mothers.*  Prenatal DHA is a convenient and effective way to ensure that mothers and their growing babies get enough of this vital nutrient every day. Surpassing all international standards for purity, freshness, and concentration, Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA provides the benefits of omega-3 fats without the risk of toxicity. Ideal for pregnant and nursing mothers, these unflavored soft gels are half the size of standard soft gels, and are perfect for the most sensitive palate. Prenatal DHA provides the foundation for a healthy pregnancy.

Birthing Balls

One of the many wonderful aspects of the birthing ball is that they can play an essential role in helping laboring mothers get into a comfortable position for birthing. Sitting upright on the ball can actually help the baby descend through the birthing canal by using the advantage of gravity. There are many other positions, such as squatting and kneeling that can be used with the birthing ball.(

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