To Vaccinate or Not To Vaccinate (or Maybe Something in Between?)

By Dr. Denise Ingrando

Before I was pregnant my view of vaccines was quite lackadaisical. As a child, my parents immunized me and I succumbed to the medical theory, because I did not know otherwise. I figured it was par for the course to get immunized, expect to feel feverish and sick for a while and then get over everything and be immune! However, the minute I held my child and watched him develop and grow, my entire view of the world changed.

I questioned everything! Were vaccines really safe and the responses to them “normal”? What about an alternative approach to immunity? How could I protect him? I spent hours upon hours using my research skills acquired in graduate school to dig up any research I could find on the topic; both pro- and anti-vaccine. Personally, I found that the risks of vaccinating outweighed the benefits. As a graduate student at Palmer Chiropractic College in Florida, I attended many lectures regarding the Germ Theory- of the body’s ability to heal itself and that GERMS DON’T KILL; but rather it’s the body’s inability to respond to these germs properly due to nervous system interference that can cause symptoms and illness.

I absolutely believe in the body’s ability to heal itself and feel that injecting a potentially deadly or neurotoxic substance into the body unnecessary. In fact, research performed by a medical doctor at the New York Medical Institute concluded that people under regular chiropractic wellness care have immune systems that are 200-400% stronger than those not under regular chiropractic wellness care(1)!

Think about it- if the nervous system regulates immune system function, and  nervous system interference is removed  by way of the chiropractic adjustment, then the immune system is getting the message from the brain at 100% function and is able to perform optimally. This increase in immune system function is extremely important, especially knowing that the body may bring in the virus through  several lines of defense- the skin, the mucosa of the nasal passages, the acidity in the stomach as well as the beneficial microorganisms that line the intestines, mouth and upper respiratory tract. No matter how the body is exposed to an infection the immune system will be able to take care of the body if it is given the chance to be optimally functioning.

In children, the immune system is not mature until about the age of seven years old (2). This is why natural immunity stemming from the mother’s body passed on to the baby in utero via the placenta is key to immune system function as is any added immunity given through breast milk (2,3). This passive immunity, is wonderful but unfortunately short lived. Active immunity, on the other hand, is long lasting and is acquired through exposure of the various microorganisms we encounter day to day (2,3). Whether or not you develop symptoms of a particular organism depends on your body’s ability to handle what it has been exposed to.

Family Wellness Chiropractors like those at Healing Hands Chiropractic specialize in educating patients on the various lifestyle choices that may cause nervous system interference and work with each individual and family to eliminate those causes by giving advice regarding proper posture, good nutrition and stress management to name just a few.

Deciding to vaccinate is such a personal decision, but whatever your choice may be, why not give you and your family the chance to have your bodies working optimally and fighting off infection more efficiently through chiropractic care?

To learn more about how chiropractic can boost your family’s immune system, as well as additional information on vaccines, alternative solutions and/or immunization schedules please feel free to book an appointment with our doctors. Scheduling an appointment can be done by calling the office at 603-434-3456 or conveniently online.

Healing Hands Chiropractic- A Family Wellness Center also offers massage therapy, reiki therapy, acupuncture and Chinese herbs, yoga & meditation classes and pregnancy & birth classes. All of our practitioners are more than happy to help you and your family in exploring the many options to achieving health and wellness!



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