The Benefits of Animal Reiki

by Guest Blogger Kristin Harrison, RMT, LMT

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive energy healing technique that all animals can benefit from. It is safe, effective and can do no harm. Reiki balances the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an animal by releasing energy blockages which create imbalance and disease. When an animal’s energy is balanced and flowing, healing and change occur. Animals respond quickly to the ease that Reiki produces on these levels, often harmonizing seemingly difficult and impossible attitudes and

Reiki addresses the root cause of acute or chronic conditions, adapts to the natural needs of the animal, heals holistically, and can be used as preventative and or maintenance care. Animals decide how much Reiki they want to accept and for how long. They determine where they want the Reiki to help them, either physically, emotionally or both. However, Reiki is not a replacement for appropriate veterinarian medical care. Reiki supports medical care by accelerating healing, reducing pain or discomfort, and stimulating the healing process.

Reiki enhances overall well-being

Just like people, even healthy pets can have occasional physical, emotional and mental imbalances that, if left untreated, can manifest as illness. Reiki helps balance out emotions such as fear, anxiety, aggression, depression, and other behaviorally based issues. Periodic Reiki treatments can help maintain your pet’s natural state of well-being and balance.

Reiki accelerates healing following surgery or illness

Reiki can alleviate and prevent side effects of conventional medications such as prescriptions and antibiotics, and provides pain relief and relaxation to facilitate and enhance the body’s natural healing response.

Reiki increases trust and bonding between you and your pet

People and pets often mirror each other’s physical and emotional states. Animals are natural healers and sometimes take on their person’s problems, often in an attempt to heal them. This happens because of the deep bond shared between a pet and his or her person. Because of the shared energy in such a close relationship, energetic imbalances are shared as well. For optimum healing, joint treatments for people and their pets can often be beneficial.

Reiki assists with behavior issues by promoting relaxation and stress reduction

Many behavior issues are caused by stress. Reiki has a calming effect on the pet and may help make the pet more receptive to training and behavior modification. Reiki is extremely beneficial for animals with a history of abuse, especially those in shelter care. The gentle touch and the energy can help restore trust in animals who have learned to associate touch with being hurt. Reiki can also help with transitions such as moving house, introduction to, or loss of, another pet. Reiki helps to heal the spirit, bringing animals back to a state of trust and connection, giving a sense of purpose and building their confidence with other animals and people. Reiki helps balance out emotions such as fear, anxiety, aggression, depression, and other behaviorally based issues.

Reiki strengthens the immune system for cancer therapies

Cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation present stress to an already compromised immune system. Reiki strengthens the immune system to better deal with this additional stress. It helps alleviate or prevent the side effects of conventional cancer treatments and provides pain relief.

Reiki provides comfort and relieves pain, anxiety and fear for animals in hospice.

Reiki is a wonderful way to facilitate the transition for terminally ill animals and their owners. Often, animals will not allow themselves to transition because they intuitively feel that their person is not ready to let them go. Joint Reiki treatments for the pet and his or her person can help both through this difficult time by enhancing the bond and allowing a gentle transition.

And most importantly, Reiki makes your special animal companion feel loved and at peace.

Creator of Grateful Spirit NH, Kristin is a Holistic Massage Therapist and Reiki Master who specializes in Integrative Therapies for special populations such as fibromyalgia, oncology, and hospice. Kristin has an extensive background as a fitness/holistic health educator and is also a part of the University of New Hampshire’s massage therapy team – providing integrative massage therapy to students, faculty and staff at their Durham, NH campus. A compassionate writer and artist, Kristin has a special connection and passion for animals and animal rescue. To learn more, please visit