Healing Hands Chiropractic carries the Tempur-Pedic Medical Division line of products only available in Doctors offices.  The flagship product is the

Pro-Health Core Bed.

tempurpedic pro health core bed nh

What makes this bed different from even other Tempur-Pedic beds is its unique 3 specific body zones that vary to provide perfect support where you need it most.  The Back- Zone, the section in the middle of the mattress, is designed to provide extra body-conforming support to the heavier torso and upper-leg areas of the body. The Head-Zone and Foot-Zone are softer to gently cushion and support lighter areas (the head and feet) of the body.

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We also carry their full line of pillows such as

  • The Neck Pillow
  • The Side Pillow
  • The Symphony Pillow

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