Got Fever Phobia? Bring Your Child to the Chiropractor!

Fever Phobia

Our society is inundated with numerous commercials pushing fever -suppressing products. Parents are bullied into thinking that if they were good parents- they’d have their cabinets stocked with these products at all times to administer at the first sign of their child’s fever. Following these commercials’ advice is negatively affecting their children’s built-in natural mechanism to fight disease.

Fever phobia is escalated by “urban legends” of children who were severely harmed by having a high fever that caused seizures and/or brain injuries. In reality these problems are never caused by the fever but rather the illness itself is what caused the injury.

Pediatricians who are prescribing drugs to reduce fevers are doing these children a great disservice. Reducing the fever will do nothing to make the child well. In fact our bodies have an innate mechanism that prevents an infection-induced temperature from reaching dangerous levels. Please note that in cases of heatstroke, poisoning, or other externally caused fevers this innate mechanism does not operate correctly and immediate medical attention must be sought.

In cases of a child having an infection induced fever it is important to trust the body’s natural process and understand the importance of childhood illness and the necessity of fever as an important aspect of immune system growth and development.

We invite you to make a new patient chiropractic visit for your child today to learn how chiropractic care can help increase your child’s immune system by up to 200%.

Ref: Pathways to family wellness, Issue 22, Summer 2009, pp 12-13.

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